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Kirkland Signature Calcium 500 mg with D3, 240 Adult Gummies

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Thông tin sản phẩm
🇺🇸👍 * Calcium 500 mg.
* Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000 IU)
* Orange & Cherry Natural Fruit Flavors
* 2 Bottles, 120 Gummies Each 💑
  • Calcium 500 mg.
  • Vitamin D3 25mcg (1000 IU)
  • Orange & Cherry Natural Fruit Flavors
  • 2 Bottles, 120 Gummies Each

Kirkland Signature Calcium Adult Gummies


Calcium Never Tasted So Good! Learn More about Kirkland Signarure™ Calcium 500 Click "View More Details" below.


Kirkland Signature Calcium with Vitamin D3 Adult Gummies are the tasty way to get the Calcium and Vitamin D recommended to help your body stay strong.† Packed with delicious orange and cherry flavors, these gummies support bone density and healthy teeth, muscle contraction, and nerve function† and may also reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.*


Just one serving (two delicious gummies) is all you need to receive 500 mg of Calcium and 1000 IU (20 µg) of Vitamin D3 per day. 

Supports Bone Density & Healthy Teeth 

Kirkland Signature Calcium with Vitamin D3 Adult Gummies:

Support strong bones, teeth and a healthy immune system.†

Support healthy muscle contraction and nerve function.†

Have 500 mg of Calcium and 1000 IU (20 µg) of Vitamin D3 per serving

May reduce the risk of Osteoporosis.*

Available in crisp and delicious orange and cherry flavors. 


Kirkland Signature Calcium Adult Gummies with Vitamin D3 provide the Institute of Medicine’s (IOM) recommended daily intake of these nutrients for adults, including those over 70 years old. 


One serving (two gummies) provides 500 mg of calcium to promote strong bones and teeth and support proper muscle contraction and nerve impulses, and 1000 IUs of Vitamin D3, a potent and active form of Vitamin D, which assists in the absorption of calcium and Phosphorus, and supports a healthy immune system†. 

Why Do We Need Calcium? 

Calcium is the most plentiful mineral found in the human body and is required for the healthy formation of bones and teeth, and for bodily functions such as muscle contractions and nerve function. Calcium plays a vital role in achieving peak bone mass in children and young adults and helps maintain bone density in adults.†


The IOM recommends a daily intake of 1000-1200mg of calcium. 

In addition to milk, many foods contain calcium but dairy products are the best source as they contain a form of calcium your body can easily absorb. Foods like yogurt, most cheeses, fortified oatmeal, orange juice, broccoli, salmon and almonds are all calcium-rich sources to incorporate into your diet.


Many diet and lifestyle factors can affect the body’s ability to intake and absorb calcium. These factors include lactose intolerance or resistance, high levels of protein and sodium, oxalate, which is found in spinach, berries and chocolate, alcohol and caffeine. A calcium supplement is an easy and effective way to ensure the body receives adequate amounts of calcium.


*Adequate calcium with Vitamin D as part of a healthful diet, along with physical activity, may reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life. 

Supplement Facts 
Our formulation has not changed but the label may look different now. New FDA regulations are bringing changes to the Supplement Facts panel, including updated daily values, changes to units of measure and more. To help you understand the changes we have provided both the old and new Supplement Facts panel for your comparison below.

No Preservatives Added • No Artificial Flavors • No Gluten • No Lactose
CAUTION: If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medications or have any medical condition, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Store at room temperature, tightly closed. Avoid excessive heat



Our Commitment to Delivering Quality & Value 

Since 1995, the Kirkland Signature brand has been providing high quality supplements at a great member value. Kirkland Signature vitamins, minerals, and supplements are made from carefully selected ingredients from trusted suppliers. The supplements are manufactured in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Additionally, many of the items are verified by the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) which is an independent, scientific, non-profit organization that sets strict quality and purity standards for dietary supplements.

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