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AvertX HD PTZ (30x) Zoom with Spectrum Vision WDR Add-on Camera

Giá thị trường : 49.500.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 43.990.000 VNĐ / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 9829

Thông tin sản phẩm:
Outdoor Rated, Spectrum Vision WDR, 360 Viewing, 100´ Cable
AvertX Pro Team
The AvertX HD510 camera is a professional grade HD 30x Optical Zoom camera with Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) capabilities. The camera has 220 degrees of tilt motion and has endless horizontal pan rotation that moves 360° horizontally in 1.2 seconds. It was designed for extreme cold conditions or indoor use. The HD510 will actively compensate for shadows using Spectrum Vision WDR showing targets otherwise difficult to see in the shade. The HD510 is very effective in areas where active surveillance is required, ideal for high placement on a building overlooking parking lots, entrances, stadiums, play grounds, courtyards as well as perched high indoors overlooking gathering areas, warehouses or long aisles.
30x optical zoom provides clear detail of people and objects over a great distance. For the best field of view without sacrificing image quality, your PTZ camera should be installed at a high location with an unobstructed view, such as the top of a building or near a tall ceiling. When installed properly on a clear day with an unobstructed view, using the 30X optical zoom, you can identify a stationary person you know at 250 feet, a license plate of a parked vehicle at 350 feet, the make of a parked vehicle at 500 feet and see larger objects up to 1000 feet in live view. These distances are a guide and actual performance could be better or worst depending on a variety of environmental factors, the condition of the dome, the movement and size of the target and the mounting location.
Spectrum Vision WDR (wide dynamic range) compensates for uneven light conditions caused by shadows, obstructions, back light and inconsistent lighting. Cameras with Digital WDR may show some improvement for these conditions but do not achieve optimum results. Spectrum Vision WDR from AvertX uses double exposure technology that includes both optical and digital image processing. The result is superior video quality compared to Digital WDR.
A PTZ camera is primarily used for active surveillance of a large area. When you need to see a moving target real time, the HD510 can rotate 360° horizontally in 1.2 seconds and has 220° of vertical tilt with digital flip so your image is never upside down.
An IP PTZ camera gives you maximum control flexibility. The AvertX HD510 PTZ camera can be controlled in real-time through a web browser or a connected NVR. Control pan/tilt, zoom, and preset locations using the AvertX Go app when the camera is connected to an AvertX NVR.
Preset camera locations give you quick access to view what is important to you. Create preset positions on your PTZ camera for entrances, intersections, or driveways and the camera will pan and tilt to that location at the click of a button. You can also use your presets to build a tour and have your camera automatically monitor the area surrounding the camera. The AvertX HD510 PTZ camera can save up to 256 preset points and 10 preset tours.
The AvertX HD510 PTZ camera comes standard with a heavy duty wall mount to install your camera indoors or outdoors. Waterproof camera to cable connections are included with the camera.
View video and images with more clarity and detail with megapixel cameras from AvertX. The digital zoom function in the software allows you to select specific items in a video frame and zoom-in to better define details such as a person’s face or a license plate number. A megapixel camera has over 1 million pixels in each image. A 2MP resolution is commonly called 1080p or HD.
AvertX cameras allow you to install, and record directly to, a standard microSD card for up to 32GB of redundant storage in the camera. Simply install your microSD card in the slot inside the camera and, even if your recorder is stolen, you can pull video directly from the camera.

* microSD card not included
An internal heater allows this camera to operate in extreme cold temperatures down to -40°. The cold can cause other cameras to stop recording but an internal heater provides reliable operation through the winter or in other extreme environments such as cold storage freezers and refrigerators. The HD510 also includes an integrated blower to prevent condensation and fogging caused by temperature changes.
Create a privacy mask on your AvertX camera to block recording and viewing of a designated area within the field of view of the camera. This feature allows you to block sensitive areas to protect privacy while still recording what is happening around it. A privacy mask gives you greater flexibility to place your cameras where they capture what you want, while maintaining the privacy or confidentially of assets, secure entry devices, documents, license plates, windows or areas where privacy is important. In addition, privacy masks on the HD510 PTZ camera are locked to the location that you set--even as you pan or tilt the camera. If you mask off a window, you can rotate the camera but only that window will remain masked.
Installing an AvertX professional security system is so simple, you can do it yourself. AvertX IP cameras transmit both power (PoE+) and video along the same network cable, which means you only need to connect one cable to each camera. Plug in your recorder and connect your cameras; your system will automatically begin detecting motion and recording video. If you run into any problems along the way, call our PRO Team and let them help walk you through the installation process over the phone. 24vAC Power supply is included for installations with cable runs over 300 ft or where additional power is needed for the camera.
AvertX HDIP cameras are ONVIF Profile S compliant and compatible with other ONVIF compliant recorders. Plug and Play automatic configuration is only available with AvertX HDIP recorders.
  • Spectrum Vision™ WDR for Extreme Lighting Conditions
  • True Day/Night with Superior Low-Light Sensitivity
  • 30x Optical Zoom
  • Complete 360° Horizontal Rotation in 1.2 seconds
  • 220 Degrees of Tilt Rotation
  • Up to 256 preset points and 10 preset tours
  • 2MP 1080p High Definition Resolution
  • Standard microSD Card Slot with up to 32GB capacity gives an added layer of backup
  • Integrated Heater for Extreme Cold Temperatures to -40°
  • Integrated Blower to Prevent Condensation
  • IP66 Outdoor Rated
  • Tough, Vandal-Resistant Housing
  • Single Cable for Power and Video (PoE+)
  • 24v AC Power Supply for cable runs in excess of 300 feet
  • Wall Mount Bracket Included
  • Water Proof Camera to Cable Connections
  • 7.9” w x 10.9” h (200 w x 276 h mm) — Camera only
  • One 30X HD PTZ Speed Dome Indoor/Outdoor IP Camera With Spectrum Vision™ WDR (HD510)
  • Wall Mount Bracket for HD510 PTZ Camera
  • 24vAC Power supply for HD510 PTZ Camera
  • 100’ CAT5e Ethernet cable


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