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Đang truy cập : 3491
Lượt truy cập : 49817972
Tổng sản phẩm : 2236

Oliso® Pro-1000 Vacuum Food Sealer Starter Kit

Giá thị trường : 6.500.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 5.679.000 VNĐ / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 17894

Thông tin sản phẩm:
Includes: Pro-1000 Vacuum Sealer
31 Medium (Quart) Bags, 22 Large (Gallon) Bags, 8 Jumbo Bags
1 Flexi-Tube Accessory Attachment, 1 Zip Disc, and 1 Wine + Olive Oil Freshkeeper
Product details have been supplied by the Manufacturer, and are hosted by a third party.
Vacuum Sealing Made Simple by Oliso®
Introducing the Oliso® Pro-1000 Vacuum Seale
Keep your food fresh up to five times longer in a snap! The new Oliso® Pro-1000 Vacuum Sealer is small (fits in a drawer!), but mighty. With a commercial grade pump and patented Punch-&-Seal™ heat-seal technology, the Oliso® Pro-1000's multi-layered, reusable heavy-duty zip-top bags make vacuum sealing a breeze. The fully automatic vacuum sealer has both wet and dry product seal modes as well as a precision control stop vacuum option for fragile foods. Easily clean the BPA-free bags and the unit's drip tray in the dishwasher and reuse our bags up to 16 times. The Pro-1000 also works with a variety of accessories, all of which are included in the bundle.
* Award-Winning Design, patented Punch-&-Seal™ technology
* Easy, hands-free operation
* Commercial vacuum pump
* Fits comfortably in a kitchen cabinet or counter top
* Eco-Friendly: BPA-free, reusable bags
* Two sealing options for WET or DRY goods
* Stop and seal for soft/breakable foods
* Status indicators
* Large, easy clean liquid chamber
* 1 Year Warranty
How Does it Work?
When a bag is run through the sealer, the Oliso® Punch-&-Seal™ technology automatically recognizes the bag and executes the hands-free sealing process.  It punches a hole in the bag, vacuums out the air, and then stamps a circular seal around the hole.  Whether your food is WET or DRY, simply follow these four easy steps to package and preserve your food in our reusable vacuum seal bags:
Step 1.  Place food in bag. 
Step 2.  Close air-tight zipper with Zip Disc®.
Step 3.  Select MOIST or DRY mode and slide the bag in. 
Step 4.  The Pro-1000 automatically seals the bag.
With our patented Punch-&-Seal™ technology, you can seal anywhere along the outside edge of the bag (except the zippered edge).  Our thick, dual-layer, bags protect your food, resist puncture and are reusable up to 16 times!!!
When compared to traditional vacuum sealing methods, our hassle-free system saves you time and money.  With Oliso®, you no longer have to throw away bags after a single use and our reusable bags stay the same size when reused.  Bags are BPA-free and diswasher safe on the top rack.
[Note:  The Pro-1000 works with Oliso® Vac-Snap® bags that are specially designed for vacuum sealing.  Common zipper storage or freezer bags are not durable enough for this process.]
Buy In Bulk and Save!
Buy your favorite foods at bulk prices and repackage with Oliso®!  One trip to the store and you're done.  Our vacuum seal bags keep your food fresh and save you money.
In the kitchen… cheese, veggies, coffee beans, sandwich meats, steak, ribs, sous vide cooking
In the field… pheasant, duck, elk, venison
On the water… salmon, tuna, walleye, trout, panfish, rockfish
Dry storage… water-proof a smart phone, first aid, maps, matches  
Outside the box… pack clothes, store silverware
Pro-1000 Interactive Feature Tour
* Oliso® Pro-1000 Vacuum Sealer
* Flexi Tube
* Zip Disc®
* 31-Count Vac-Snap® Resealable Quart Size Replacement Bags
* 22-Count Vac-Snap® Resealable Gallon Size Replacement Bags
* 8-Count Vac-Snap® Resealable Jumbo Size Replacement Bags
* Reusable upright pantry bag for frequently accessed dry goods
* 1 Bottle Stopper to keep wines and olive oils fresh
* Quick start guide

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