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Aquvers® 1PH Counter Top Bottleless Point-of-Use Water Cooler with Install Kit

Giá bán : Liên hệ ngay / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 18009

Thông tin sản phẩm:
Auto Shut Off Enabled, Filtration System Included, Stainless Steel Tanks for Hot/Cold Water

Product Details


Benefits – The Commercial Advantage:

  • 1PH is a complete water solution and comes with a full filtration system (filter head already installed and Filter ready for easy set up)
  • UL, NSF certified 750 gallon carbon water filter with Micro-Pure® technology
  • LG® high-efficiency compressor with the lowest cycle rate available ensures a long lifespan
  • Convection cooling with internally spring-mounted, hermetically sealed compressor with automatic overload protector.
  • High-volume, 304 electro polished stainless steel hot and cold tanks with internal heating coils and copper refrigerant lines ensure no off taste to water
  • Cold-Rolled Metal sides are treated to be fingerprint and smudge resistant and clean up easily with a damp cloth
  • Super cold and hot output (38 - 58 degrees cold and 185 degrees)
  • Fast fill rate (16oz in under 8 seconds!) and deep fill area for large sport bottles and containers
  • Heavy-duty hardware and encased metal external construction makes units rugged and durable
  • Dual float system with auto shut off prevents leakage and overflow issues
  • Removable, dishwasher-safe drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Push style faucets offer comfort and ease with patented child safety hot water protection
  • Hot tank on / off switch
  • Fits any standard 110 volt socket
  • ABS outer plastic shell does not rust or corrode
  • Adjustable cold water thermostat – factory set for maximum efficiency
  • Full install kit with hardware and water line for installing unit and running water line from your water source.
  • Extended warranty:  1 year on parts and compressor
  • **Comes with Bonus Install Kit which includes an Aquverse® A100 filter, quick install filter head and complete install kit with water lines and quick connect water source connector.**
  • Bottleless Counter Top Home and Office Water Cooler. At 17.35” tall will fit under all standard cabinets. Filtration System and Install Kit included, Commercial Grade Series, Dual Float w/ Emergency Shut Off System, Stainless Steel Tanks, Push Faucets with Hot Water Guard



  • The Aquverse® 1PH Hot / Cold Bottleless Counter Top Water Cooler is a complete water station

    Aquverse® is proud to be the first to offer to the general public a true commercial grade Counter Top Bottleless water system (also known as Point of Use or POU). The 1PH has been designed to offer the visual appeal of a modern, high end appliance and has been designed to be compact to fit easily on any kitchen counter for use at home of in a office break room. The A100 Water filter is world class and fits inside the unit and offers a quick change head for easy annual replacement. The A100 includes Exclusive Micro-Pure® technology, this 750-gallon capacity, NSF certified charcoal filter reduces or removes the following contaminants:


    *Bad tastes and odors


    *Dirt and cloudiness

    *Giardia lamblia cysts

    *Entamoeba histilytica cysts

    *Cryptosporidium parvum cysts

    *Mold and algae

    *Oxidized sulfides

    *Oxidized iron

    *Oxidized manganese

    *99.9% + of all particles 1/2 micron and larger in size

    Using the Aquverse® 1PH also is good for the planet! The included filter will produce the equivalent 8,000 12 ounce plastic bottles of water.

    Aquverse® is know for its exceptional craftsmanship in producing true commercial-grade water coolers with a classic, contemporary design and rugged durability that ensures years of hassle free use and enjoyment. The 1PH comes with rolled metal sides that are 7 times more durable than traditional stainless steel coolers and are treated with anti-fingerprint and smudge protection ensuring simple cleanup and hassle-free maintenance.

    Never buy another 5-gallon bottle again!

    The 1PH also comes with a dual float safety shut off system, Hot/ Cold output, Stainless steel tanks and paddle style faucets. The Aquverse® 1PH is durable enough to withstand years of abuse and heavy traffic, offers a contemporary design that fits perfectly into any home or office décor, and a whisper-quiet running sound that will ensure it goes unnoticed except when it is in use.

    Enjoy crisp, clean, chilled drinking water any.


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