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Lượt truy cập : 49660320
Tổng sản phẩm : 2234

reViva Liquid Multivitamin, 64 Ounces, Tropical Burst

Giá thị trường : 1.950.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 1.699.000 VNĐ / 1 Cặp

Mã sản phẩm : 14799

Thông tin sản phẩm:
🇺🇸👍 2 Bottles, 32 Ounces Each
Over 50 Nutrients
Perfect for the Entire Family
Naturally Sweetened, Gluten Free, Tropical Burst Flavor💑

LIQUID ReViva® delivers more nutrition in a single delicious ounce than just about any other multivitamin formula. We made LIQUID ReViva complete and easy – no more pills, no more guessing. Just two delicious spoonfuls have what you need to help make your diet more complete.


Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbs, super fruits & more – over 50 nutrients in all!


500 mg of Vitamin C, 800 IU of Vitamin D3, double the daily value of Vitamin E.

Perfect for the entire family, with easy directions for both kids and adults on the label.


Naturally sweetened

Gluten free

A multivitamin for the whole family
Delicious spoonfuls, not hard-to-swallow pills

With LIQUID ReViva® High Potency Multivitamin you get all the vitamins and minerals you expect from a high potency multi without the handful of hard-to-swallow pills and without tablet fillers and binders. Just two tablespoons of delicious, natural tropical burst flavor Reviva is all it takes to get more than 50 healthy nutrients. 


Everything from the essentials – vitamins A, C, D3, E, K and B Complex, calcium, zinc, chromium and more – to healthful bonus nutrients such as antioxidants, herbs, eye health factors, and super fruits.


Love at first sip
Why add super fruits, herbs and other things to a multi?

There’s more to good health and an active life than vitamins and minerals. For example, super fruits are those that combine exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities with appealing taste. Each delicious spoonful of LIQUID ReViva® High Potency Multivitamin contains juices from blueberry, pomegranate, Açai, and Goji.


Oxidative stress can do our bodies harm and antioxidants provide a measure of protection. That’s why LIQUID ReViva® High Potency Multivitamin is rich in antioxidants – to help your body fight off free radicals and protect cells.

We also included a proprietary herbal complex that includes ginkgo, grapeseed, suma root, nopal cactus powder, and other herbs, including another exceptional antioxidant – green tea.

Another bonus is our proprietary eye care blend, with lutein, zeaxanthin, bilberry fruit and more.

Eye Care Blend / Herbal Complex / Super Fruits / Vitamins & Minerals

A multi you can feel really good about

LIQUID ReViva® High Potency Multivitamin is good for the whole family, including kids. It’s made with natural ingredients, without caffeine or other stimulants. It’s gluten free, too. Taking LIQUID ReViva® High Potency Multivitamin is easy and simple, too – two tablespoons for adults or one tablespoon for kids aged 4 to 12. 


Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Caffeine Free

Supplement facts

Suggested Use: SHAKE WELL BEFORE OPENING AND BEFORE EACH USE. For adults and kids over 12, one fluid ounce (2 tbsp) daily. For kids 4 - 12, half a fluid ounce (1 tbsp) daily. Take directly, preferably after a meal. 

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Purified Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Natural Flavors, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Potassium Sorbate and Sodium Benzoate (to protect freshness).

Manufactured in a plant that processes shellfish, milk, wheat, eggs, and soy.

LIQUID REVIVA contains natural ingredients. As in nature, color, flavor, and aroma may vary.


Refrigerate after opening, avoid excessive heat.

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