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trunature Advanced Digestive Probiotic, 100 Capsules

Giá bán : Liên hệ ngay / 1 Chai

Mã sản phẩm : 14815

Thông tin sản phẩm:
12 Strains, 10 Billion Active Cultures†
Helps Maintain Digestive Health*
Supports a Healthy Immune System*
Naturally Restores Digestive Balance*
Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free 💑
  • 12 Strains, 10 Billion Active Cultures†
  • Helps Maintain Digestive Health*
  • Supports a Healthy Immune System*
  • Naturally Restores Digestive Balance*
  • Gluten, Soy and Dairy Free


Product Overview


One capsule each day maintains a healthy digestive system!*
Poor diet, age, stress, travel, antibiotics and other prescription medications can enable bad bacteria to flourish in the digestion system. They can tip the healthy balance of the good-versus-bad bacteria which may leave us vulnerable to digestive upsets. Probiotics are the good or “friendly” bacteria that can help restore balance to our digestive and immune systems.5

Every package contains 100 blister packed low-moisture vegetarian capsules.

Each daily probiotic serving provides a minimum of 10 billion live active cultures.†


Each capsule features a proprietary blend of twelve probiotic strains; clinically proven to support digestive, immune, and overall health.*


Our formula also contains 50 mg of the prebiotic xylooligosaccharides (XOS). Prebiotics are food for the probiotics and thus can help stimulate the growth of beneficial microflora*.


† Each capsule contains a minimum of 10 billion live cultures 

at time of manufacture.


Probiotics are live bacteria that are good for our health, especially our digestive system.2,3 Usually we think of bacteria as something that causes diseases, but our body is full of bacteria, both good and bad. The digestive tract contains a large variety of naturally occurring bacteria, most of these bacteria are helpful. They usually work together to ensure proper digestion and well being. Unfortunately, the intestinal environment can easily be disturbed!


When bad bacteria out number the good, the healthy balance of good-versus-bad can tip, leaving us exposed to digestive challenges. 70% of the body’s immune system is within the digestive track and has the biggest effect on the overall health out of all the internal organs. 


The daily use of trunature® Advanced Digestive Probiotics helps restore the natural balance of the intestinal tract.1,4,5 It can boost the quantities of the helpful “bugs” and crowd out the bad micro-organisms. It can help maintain digestive health, support a healthy immune system, and naturally restore digestive balance.1-6

trunature® Advanced Digestive Probiotic features a 12 strain blend of premium probiotics including Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacteria lactis, and L. rhamnosus GG strains. These safe and effective premium probiotics have been shown to help defend against occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, and bloating.2,3 They have been scientifically shown to help fight occasional digestive tract illnesses and help support a healthy immune system.2,3 

Individual blister-packed capsules protect against heat, light and moisture. They determine when the last dosage was taken, encourage compliance and decrease accidental misuse.


Low moisture capsules, derived from vegetable sources, protect and can help extend the shelf life of the product.


No refrigeration necessary, convenient for traveling and enjoying an active lifestyle.

trunature® Advanced Digestive Probiotic capsules are the ideal choice for people practicing an allergen-free diet, whether by preference or necessity.


Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule once each day. Do not take within two hours of taking antibiotics. Do not crush or chew.

OTHER INGREDIENTS: Cellulose, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate (Vegetable Source), Titanium Dioxide.

WARNING: Consult your physician if you have a medical condition, are on medication, pregnant, or nursing. Keep out of reach of children.
Best if stored at 72° F (22° C) or below. Refrigeration not required, but may extend product shelf life. For best results, we recommend you store this product in the original blister card package.

IMPORTANT: Do not use if capsule blister is punctured or torn.

trunature® is a registered trademark of Costco Wholesale Inc. We guarantee the quality of each trunature® product offered online and in our warehouse locations. If you are not completely satisfied, your money will be refunded. TRUNATURE®INFOLINE 1-866-307-9794 




1 Childs, CE. "Xylo-oligosaccharides alone or in synbiotic combination with Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis 


induce bifidogenesis and modulate markers of immune function in healthy adults: a double-blind placebo-controlled, randomised, factorial cross-over study." Br J Nutr. (2014) Jun 14;111(11):1945-56.


2 Basu, S. Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology 41.8 (2007): 756-760.

3 Francavilla, Ruggiero. Pediatrics 126.6 (2010): e1145-e1452.

4 Jalanka-Tuovinen, Jonna. PloS ONE 6.7 (2011): 1-13.

5 Rolfe, Rial D. The Journal of Nutrition (2000). 396S-402S.

6 West, Nicholas P. Clinical Nutrition (2013): 1-7.


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