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Đang truy cập : 2963
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Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount with MagConnectâ„¢ for iPad 4/3/2

Giá thị trường : 3.400.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 2.590.000 VNĐ / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 5309

Thông tin sản phẩm:
Carbon Fiber Arm, Clamp to Tables or Shelving, Swivels 360°

Tournez C-Clamp Mount with MagConnect™ for iPad 4th/3rd/2nd Gen 
*iPad 4th/3rd/2nd Gen Compatible Tablet Holder Included*

The Tournez C-Clamp mount is the best solution for attaching a tablet to a round surface. The single carbon fiber arm of the C-Clamp mount reliably mounts your tablet while keeping it nearby. This mount is ideal for warehouse shelving, corporate reception areas, work spaces, and creative organizations. For longer length, try our Tournez Clamp Mount.

A Perfect Creative Companion
Attach your iPad to a mic stand or camera tripod via the Tournez C-Clamp mount. While keeping your microphone or camera attached, the C-Clamp attaches to the side of the stand to add a tablet to your existing setup. Musicians can read chord charts, use live effects processing, or record directly to the tablet seamlessly. Photo/Video artists will enjoy using their tablet as a large view finder or for quick edits on the go. 

The Best Tablet Mounts Just Got Better

Experience the Magic of MagConnect™ 

Magnetic Personality
The MagConnect™ locking mechanism is the next step in the evolution of mobile mounts. The technology is advanced, but using it is quite simple. First, the iPad is secured into a hard-shell case equipped with a powerful magnet. When the case is attached to a compatible product, another magnet instantly interlocks your MagConnect™ shell with a receiver, while a precision screw tightens for a secure fit.

Lightweight Strength
MagConnect™ mounts are built of high-quality carbon fiber arms. This advanced material is surprisingly lightweight yet incredibly strong. The powerful combination of carbon fiber with carefully designed joints produces mounts that are both easy to maneuver and sturdy to use.

Spherical Joints 
MagConnect™ mounts come equipped with spherical joints for ultimate customization. The included MagConnect™ iPad holder can be swiveled 360° to easily transition from portrait to landscape mode without removing it from the mount. And the sturdy carbon fiber arms can also be adjusted into infinite configurations providing you with the perfect angle every time.

Beautiful On and Off its Pedestal
When your iPad is not mounted, you can carry it in style. The MagConnect™ hard-shell case is textured for stunning look and feel and comes complete with a low-profile cap to cover the magnetic connector. 


  • Model: MMA103
  • Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 2lbs.
  • Length: 6” arm x 1
  • Joints: 1 x spherical joint at base, 1 x spherical joint at tablet connection
  • Connection: MagConnect™
  • Compatible with: the iPad 4/3/2"


  • Length: 6 in. 
  • Material: Carbon Fiber 
  • Weight: 2 lb. 


Joy Factory Tournez C-Clamp Mount with MagConnectâ„¢ for iPad 4/3/2

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