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Premium Pulse Oximeter by Veridian Healthcare®

Giá thị trường : 1.850.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 1.569.000 VNĐ / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 5559

Premium Pulse Oximeter by Veridian Healthcare®
Thông tin sản phẩm:
For Sports, Aviation & Personal Use, Fast Results, Instant Alert


3.8 out of 5


Portable Spot-Check Monitoring for Healthy Active Living

Compact, accurate and reliable! This Premium Pulse Oximeter is ideal for sports and fitness enthusiasts to spot-check their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate on the go as well as reliable for monitoring during air travel. 

Easy to use and apply – with the simple press of the button, quickly know your blood oxygen saturation (SPO2) and pulse rate (BPM) - from any finger.   

  • Comfortable Fit - Smooth interior and spring-hinge allows for adult and child size digits without pinching or squeezing fingers  
  • Simple One - Button Operation - Detailed, illustrated English/Spanish instruction manual helps guide you through the simple operation process  
  • Fast Results - Within seconds of application, the oximeter will measure and display the results live on the display screen, fluctuating as your SPO2 and BPM changes  
  • Easy-View Display - Dual-color OLED display presents clear easy-to-read results in six rotating display orientation modes, allowing for view from any angle  
  • Instant Alert - User-defined settings sounds an alarm if levels fall below/rise above a determined threshold and if the finger digit falls out or is not properly placed in the oximeter  
  • Computer Tracking Software - Oximeter records up to 24 hours of a single monitoring session for later review and download via Windows compatible software  
  • Quick-Release Lanyard and Storage Case - Durable nylon lanyard secures the oximeter around your neck and out of the way, while the quick-release clasp allows for easy access when needed  
  • Battery-Saving Automatic Shut-Off - Internal sensors detect when no finger is present, shutting down the unit and preserving the battery life so the oximeter is ready to go when you need it

Includes: pulse oximeter, quick-release lanyard, 2 AAA batteries, USB cable, soft-side storage case, pc software mini-disc, English/Spanish instruction manual and 2-year limited warranty

Non-prescription pulse oximeters are designed to help individuals monitor their blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate in a variety of situations, but are most commonly used for fitness or air travel. 

Cardiorespiratory fitness, or aerobic fitness, is the measurement of how the circulatory and respiratory systems of the body work together to transport oxygen to the skeletal muscles during prolonged or sustained exercise and in turn how the muscles absorb and use this oxygen. Use of a pulse oximeter can help manage cardiorespiratory fitness in conjunction with prolonged physical activity, including hiking, jogging, running, aerobic exercise or even mountain climbing. 

Altitude sickness, also known as Acute Mountain Sickness, is common at high altitudes and can affect persons of any body type or in any physical fitness state. Pulse oximeters are a convenient, portable and reliable solution for monitoring individual blood oxygen levels in even the most extreme hiking and mountain climbing scenarios.

Hypoxia is a risk for many individuals during air travel. Symptoms may cover a broad range of types – headache, nausea, fatigue and others – and develop gradually; however, these seemingly benign occurrences may become dangerous quickly. A pulse oximeter offers quick and accurate measurements of the SPO2 levels in the blood, alerting an individual to dangerously low oxygen levels in their system. 

Pulse Oximeter Tracking Software System Requirements:  

  • IBM Compatible  
  • Windows XP, VISTA, 7(32bits)  
  • Mini USB Communications Port  
  • 16MB Memory  
  • 10MB Free Space on Hard Drive


Premium Pulse Oximeter by Veridian Healthcare®

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