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Mật khẩu
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Giá trị đơn hàng : 0 VNĐ
Đang truy cập : 1786
Lượt truy cập : 48073350
Tổng sản phẩm : 2208

Kenu Airframe & Car Kit

Giá thị trường : 1.850.000 VNĐ

Giá bán : 1.569.000 VNĐ / 1 Bộ

Mã sản phẩm : 11156

Thông tin sản phẩm:
Includes Airframe+ portable car mount
Includes Dualtrip 2-USB car charger
Dualtrip fits inside Airframe+ for convenient storage
Includes Airframe+ portable car mount
Includes Dualtrip 2-USB car charger
Dualtrip fits inside Airframe+ for convenient storage
Hold the phone—and keep it charged!
Includes Airframe+ portable car mount 
   – Mounts to almost any car AC vent 
   – Keeps your phone within easy sight 
   – Accommodates phones with screens up to 6 inches 
   – Less obtrusive than other car phone holders
Includes Dualtrip 2-USB car charger 
   – Dual high-speed USB ports for fast charging (2.4A each) 
   – Works with smartphones and tablets 
   – Fits inside Airframe+ for convenient storage 
   – Charging cables not included
The kit every driver needs. 
The Kenu® Airframe+ Car Kit joins two of Kenu’s best accessories into the ultimate travel bundle. It provides a safe, streamlined experience for drivers looking to mount their smartphone or phablet in sight and charge multiple devices simultaneously at maximum speed for themselves and their passengers. 
Airframe+, the original portable car mount, works with all smartphones and phablets with up to 6-inch screens and mounts to nearly any vent, keeping your device at eye level and ready for GPS directions, streaming music, and hands-free calls. 
Dualtrip, the ultimate charger, features two side-by-side high-speed USB ports capable of simultaneously charging two smartphones or tablets at full speed. Its elongated shape is engineered to stay cool and safely prevent overheating while outputting 2.4 amps from each port, making it the fastest way to charge your gadgets. Also, its slim, sleek design allows it to conveniently fit inside Airframe+ for compact storage on the go!

Công ty của chúng tôi không bán sản phẩm, chúng tôi chỉ mua dùm sản phẩm cho các bạn.
Các bạn không phải lo về chất lượng sản phẩm khi đặt hàng tại công ty chúng tôi.

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